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: for the secure destruction of 1 to 10 hard drives
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(to be shredded, 10 max.)
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Your quote will be emailed to the address you enter above & to SDD. It will also be displayed, with the option to proceed with the order.
Note: Minimum of 4 hard drive destruction cost applies.

Hard Drive Destruction & Data Wiping

SDD's Hard Drive Destruction service is second to none. You can be confident that your data is destroyed by choosing to have your hard drives destroyed on site at your premises or by viewing the destruction of your drives at our secure premises. Our equipment is SCEC approved, choose from four levels of destruction and we offer national secure pickup and shipping. Ensure your business's information remains private and comply with federal law by shredding your obsolete and damaged hard drives. All hard drive debris is recycled.

Data Wiping, not destruction, will be required if you having working hard drives in computer systems that will be re-sold or re-used. Our wiping software is also used by government agencies to render all data unrecoverable, giving you the highest possible protection available.

All Hard Drives Destroyed
  • we destroy all types of hard drives
  • internal, external & portable hard drives
  • spinning disc or solid state drives
  • damaged & obsolete hard drives
  • order the destruction of 1 or 1000+ drives
  • option to record serials & video record the process
  • Certificate of Destruction & Recycling on completion
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Service Description

To read more about and use our Secure Hard Drive Destruction (SHDD) service, visit www.shdd.com.au.

SDD's hard drive collection and destruction service is available nationally as a pick-up and destroy service.

  • no setup fees or contract
  • SHDD website login account & QuickQuote orders available
  • Australia wide secure SCEC accredited courier pick-up (for destruction only)
  • Melbourne customers can contact us to arrange a pick-up time
  • view destruction in person or login remotely, with option to record serials & video record the process
  • destroyed with SCEC approved equipment to debris size of 12mm, 9mm, 6mm or 3mm
  • option to destroy or degauss on site at your premises with NSA approved equipment
  • wipe your hard drives without damaging them before system re-sale or re-use
  • ensure confidential details are kept private by cleaning your systems of all data, making it unrecoverable
  • our techician will clean all system hard drives on site at your offices & re-format drives if requested
  • we use government compliant data wiping software
  • call 1300 885 934 or email us if you have any questions


ICT Media

Optical Media

Uniforms + Clothing

End-of-line Product


HD Destruction Pack



Need Document Shredding
  • locked shredding bins
  • high-security shredding
  • professional service
  • Certificate of DestructionCertificate of Destruction on completion


Mini Bin Tidy for your desk

Receive your free mini bin desk tidy when you make a booking for any of our services.

Contact SDD to make a booking or for any further details.

Mini Bin Tidy


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